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Temperature Controlled Packaging is the latest design in packaging, for temperature controlled products. This is essential when dealing with ‘Cold Chain Shipping’ for companies who deal with perishable & temperature sensitive product

All temperature controlled packaging products are manufactured in house and are custom designed by our engineers and tested to the highest standard. We offer a full range of Coolimate® products, to which these are space efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our Coolimate® products consists of Coolimate® Shippers, envelopes, pallet shippers, pallet covers, roll cage covers & drum covers. Our products are highly effective in hot and cold conditions, as all temperature sensitive products need to be kept in a controlled environment, our Coolimate® products offer this service. as we provide an active & passive cooling system.

CooliMate® Thermal Insulation Material is the perfect solution for the storage and transportation of:

Perishable foods: Meat & Poultry, Seafood, Baked goods, Chocolate & Dairy items (cheese, milk, ice creams etc)

Wine, Bottled & keg beer, Champagne, Soft drinks, Juices & Protein shakes

Pharmaceutical products
: Medicines, Samples, Tablets, Creams & any temperature sensitive products

Healthcare products: Cosmetics, Detergents, Soaps & Shampoo

Agricultural products: Plants & Shrubs

Industrial products: Paint, Resins, Adhesives & Chemical mixtures

Benefits of the CooliMate® Thermal Insulation Materials include:

* Reflects 97% of radiant energy
* Environmentally safe
* Reduces costs for heating and cooling
* Reduces carbon emissions
* Ability to ship chilled goods on non-refrigerated vehicles
* Reduces fuel costs up to 50%
* Durable, reusable and lightweight
* Non toxic
* Prevents mould and mildew
* Permanent and maintenance free
* Unaffected by natural elements (moisture, humidity, rain)
* Does not compress, collapse or disintegrate
* Fibre free
* Made in the UK

We are the UK’s only manufacturer and distributor of Coolimate® products with sole intellectual and property rights

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